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Automobile emergency car kit

Create an emergency kit for your car by filling an old diaper bag or duffle bag with the following items:

  1. An old towel
  2. Pair of working gloves
  3. Bottle of fix a flat
  4. Large screwdriver
  5. Pair of pliers
  6. Can of WD40
  7. Jumper cables
  8. Wheel chock
  9. Emergency road flares
  10. Flashlight and extra batteries
  11. Rubber hammer
  12. Short-handled shovel or spade
  13. Old scarf or piece of rope
  14. Small bag of cat litter or rock salt
  15. Fluorescent safety vest
  16. Some type of nonperishable food and bottled water
  17. Cigarette lighter
  18. Basic first aid kit
  19. Bottled water for the car
  20. Two bread bags and four rubber bands (to keep your sleeves clean
  21. If you leave in an area prone to cold or blizzards keep a warm blanket in your car
  22. Cell phone so you can call for help

In addition to carrying the emergency kit, it is important to check your spare tire for the proper air pressure monthly. Also practice changing your tire if you don't know how.

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Emergency Car Kit
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