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Staying Connected with Your Family While Traveling for Business

Your briefcase is packed, airline tickets in hand, and a long list of schedules for class projects, after school practices and meal suggestions hang on the refrigerator. You've done your best to prepare both yourself and the family for your next business trip. So why are there still feelings of guilt?

It's just never easy to take a mother out of the household for any period of time. So how can you relieve some of the stress and mixed emotions that you and your family feel each time you say good-bye? We've put together some of the most useful tips for traveling moms.

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1) Communicate
Although you are likely to confirm all car pool, day care and homework assignment arrangements verbally, lists posted in a very visible location allow everyone to refer to your master plan when you are not around. Include your itinerary (which can be downloaded from our site) but also suggested meal plans, reminders and contact numbers.

2) Prepare meals ahead of time for your family
If you are leaving on Monday, prepare meals over the weekend that can be stored and heated during the week. Roasting a chicken or freezing a casserole will allow the family to experience your love even while you are away.

3) Tell a bedtime story about your trip prior to leaving and then leave a picture of the places you are visiting.
Children love a good story -- especially one in which you are the star. Being able to visualize where you are and what you'll be doing will help comfort the mind of a young child. Preparing your child beforehand will make the good-bye easier.

4) Leave love notes
An unexpected note will bring a smile to the face of your child or spouse. Place a special, "I miss you" under a pillow or in a lunchbox to keep your hugs close to home.

5) Reach out and touch someone
With cell phones and e-mail, it's easier than ever to keep in contact. Don't forget to take advantage of technology by calling home or sending an e-mail. For special occasions or no occasion at all, send one of the many free e-greeting cards available on the Web.

6) Record Yourself
Record yourself reading your child's favorite bedtime story and leave behind the tape. Your child will enjoy turning the pages as he hears you read the words even while you are away.

7) Allow him to pack a personal reminder in your suitcase
Perhaps it's a piece of his artwork or special picture of the two of you together, let him see that you are taking it along as a reminder that he's waiting at home for you. It's certain to warm up any cold hotel room.

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