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Staying Connected with Your Family While Traveling for Business
Your briefcase is packed, your airline tickets are in hand, and a long list of schedules for class projects, after-school practices, and meal suggestions hang on the refrigerator. You've done your best to prepare both yourself and the family for your next business trip. So why are there still feelings of guilt? It's just never easy to take a mother out of the household for any period of time. So how can you relieve some of the stress and mixed emotions that you and your family feel each time you say goodbye? We've put together some of our most useful tips for staying connected to your family while on the road.

Airline Incompetence Save on a Family Cruise
JetBlue's now infamous tarmac fiasco prompted one TravelingMom to create these Family Travel Tips to ease the discomfort and frustration when flights are delayed or canceled. Thinking about taking a cruise? Cruise lines like to describe their pricing as "all-inclusive," but onboard costs can add up. Here are some money-saving strategies for your cruise vacation.

  Toting Laptops and Little Ones
It's always hard to leave your little ones at home when you have to travel for work. So, many female Road Warriors have found a solution: take the kids along. Find out what hotels are doing to accommodate women business travelers and their families.

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