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Are you getting paid what you're worth?

Ever wonder how your male peers know what to ask for during salary negotiations? It's called the "Good Ole Boy" network -- they ask each other.

BlueSuitMom has compiled a database of salaries for positions around the country for our executive moms to reference.

Be part of our "Girl Ole Girl" network. Simply fill out the survey. Or find out if you are making what you are worth by searching our salary database.

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Here's an average of what others are making:

 Title  Salary
Advertising manager 53,602
Audiologist Manager 80,000
College professor 44,800
Computer engineer 54,912
Computer scientist 48,630
Computer programmer 48,360
Electrical engineer 53,227
Engineering manager 65,686
Financial manager 54,392
Financial services sales  59,634
Lawyer 70,117
Management analyst 48,194
Marketing manager 53,602
Marketing Vice President 90,500-125,000
Occupational therapist 46,779
Physical therapist 52,811
Physician 96,637
Public Relations Vice President 90,000
Public Relations Manager 53,602
Registered nurse 40,310
Retail Manager 55,000
Secondary School Teacher 36,784
Securities sales manager 59,634
Special Ed Teacher 37,104
Speech pathologist 44,390
Social Worker 31,221
Systems analyst 48,360

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