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Setting up your small business as a corporation can have many legal and tax advantages. Attorney Nemia Schulte explains the benefits of incorporating your company.

Ask the Expert Your Credit Report
Navigating the legal waters can be tricky. Submit your questions to our attorney. Reports marred by false entries can hurt future employment. Find out how to fix the mistakes.

  Needing an Attorney
Buying or selling real estate can be a complicated matter. Find out how a real estate attorney can help sort out complex legal and title issues.

  Meet Our Expert
Nemia Schulte Nemia L. Schulte, attorney, columnist and working mother of two, practices law in Pompano Beach, Fla. Visit her Web site for more information.

  Recently Asked Questions
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• What is the process of foreclosure and how long does it take?
• Is Bankruptcy For Me and Is There Life After Bankruptcy?
• What Can I Keep If I File For Bankruptcy?
• Can My Spouse's Creditor Attach Property Owned by My Spouse and Me as Tenancy By the Entirety?
• How can I Fight Back Against Creditor Harassment?


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