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BlueSuitMom's Working Mom Must-Haves
For Little Girls

Lil' Miss Diva
We're in love with the "divalicious" girls clothing from Lil' Miss Diva by Imee Nefer Designs. When your daughter wears a Lil' Miss Diva outfit, you'll constantly be asked "where did you get that?" And the clothes are all sewn in the US. The outfit at right is one from the holiday collection and modeled by Leila (BlueSuitMom co-founder Rachael Bender's daughter). Visit Lil' Miss Diva to check out all the latest styles.

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Precious Girls Club
At BlueSuitMom, we're passionate about finding the best products and sites for Moms - and their families. That's why we're so excited to introduce you to the Precious Girls Club, a new virtual world website and chapter book series for young girls. Since it's from Precious Moments®, the site has all the same wholesome values we associate with this trusted brand and those we are trying to instill in our own children. These values are reinforced throughout the site in fun and engaging experiences for girls and through a chapter book series and related products that go along with the virtual world. The site just launched and the books and related products are available in stores and online. Take a minute to explore and share it with the precious girls in your life. As a special gift to BlueSuitMom readers, we'd like to offer you a free month of premium Rainbow Club membership to access special content on the site. Enter code AO6XEHBM282K to experience all the fun and excitement of the Precious Girls Club. We hope you'll find this site to be different and refreshing - a place that encourages girls to be girls.

BlueSuitMom's Working Mom Must Haves and Great Finds:

Over the next year, we'll continue to add to the list, so if you know of something we missed, please send us an email.


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