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Your Baby Today

Infant First Aid
Baby's hand
When your baby gets hurt -- be it a bug bite or a bruise -- knowing how to care for her can help ease your anxiety. We've got first-aid tips for treating minor boo-boo's.
Common infant ailments

Identifying A Gifted Child Developmental Milestones
A gifted child demonstrates unique, clever behavior long before a school, teacher or test acknowledges it. Find out what signs to look for in your young child.
On the milestones page you'll find a summary of social-emotional growth, language acquisition, and the development of fine and gross motor skills for the first year.

  Finding a Doctor
The idea of finding the right doctor -- one who possesses all of the qualities and necessary qualifications to help you care for your child -- can seem like a daunting task. Before you get overwhelmed, remember that pediatricians are committed to helping parents raise healthy children with the greatest possible ease, comfort, pleasure and success. Dr. Steven P. Shelov explains how to find the right pediatrician for your child.
Making the most of a doctor's visit

  Tip of the Week
When traveling by plane, give your baby a bottle or cup to drink during flight take-offs and landings. The swallowing will equalize the pressure she may feel behind her eardrum and prevent ear pain.

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The content on these pages is provided as general information only and should not be substituted for the advice of your physician.

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