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Diamond Mining = Stronger Relationship
Finding true love is like finding diamonds in the rough. But once you've found one, there's work to be done to bring out its true treasures. Discover how to chip away the particles to unleash the sparkle in your relationship.

Ask the Expert Message Boards
Paul Mauchline is an expert specializing in teaching people how to keep the love in their lives. Ask him your questions. Sometimes we all need to vent, but try not to take out your frustrations on your partner. Instead find support from other working mothers.

  Fast Track Blues
After a long day at work, you stumble home with briefcase in hand to a messy house, hungry kids and a husband glued to the TV. Don't let this scene end up fueling the fire of resentment between you and your husband.

  Art of Touching
"Reach out and touch someone." We all can fondly recall this phone company slogan. But do you take the necessary contact? All of us - young and old, single and in relationship - need touch. Actions, in many cases, communicate more than words. Physical contact is a prerequisite both for a healthy individual, and for a fulfilling, mature, loving relationship with a partner. Read more about the art of touching.

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