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Real Families, Real Fun

Family Fun: A Critter Hunt
Critter hunt
Forget your fly swatter! Head to the woods, a local park or your own backyard for a major bug-collecting expedition. Use our directions to make a "critter keeper jar" or simply use a jar and punch several holes in its metal lid. Arm yourself with curiosity and you've got all the tools you need for an interesting and educational adventure that literally leaves no stone unturned.

Joy of Journal Writing The Solution to Time Alone
Setting aside time to sit down alone and write is an impossible luxury. But carving just 15 minutes every few days to jot down thoughts, frustrations and dreams offers unexpected rewards. Simply 'putting it to paper' can be relaxing and reassuring. Parents need timeout from parental duties to keep the spark between husband and wife ablaze. If child care costs or worries about your child's safety prevent you from dating your spouse, you're not alone. The solution: A child-swapping network.

  Wild Animals on the Web
The crowds at zoos and aquariums prove that humans love observing wild animals. If you don't live near such facilities, you can still get an up-close and personal view of an amazing array of species and habitats by visiting virtual zoos and aquariums.
Entertaining dinosaur videos

  Start a Family Game Night
Can a family that plays together, stay together? Game night, the latest family-bonding activity, has parents unplugging the Sega and taking out monopoly. For most people it sounds like a medieval ritual of torture; siblings of all ages forced to sit in a room and play quietly together. The Hannan and Blocker families of Ohio found out that if you follow a simple set of guidelines, fun really can happen right at home.

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