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Quotable Kids

Kids say the darnest things. We've all heard them, the comments that make us grin even on the busiest of mornings. We can all use a little chuckle and a little reassurance that we aren't alone. So how about sharing your little spice of life with us? Submit your favorites

"We often talk about food preferences in my house. The other day my 10 year old daughter said "I'd rather watch Meet the Press than eat an olive!" Robin S.

"When I was pregnant with our third child, my four year was amazed at my size. One particular morning he really deflated my esteem by blurting out, 'Wow, Mom! You can tell you're pregnant from behind, too.' Thank goodness I can't see the rear view!" Carrie B.

About work
"A recent project at work made it necessary for me to travel to Denver, Colorado each week and leave my two children behind on the East Coast. While Christmas shopping I heard the cashier ask my 4 year old where I worked. He answered in a confident voice, 'Denver'." MTB4

"My 6 year old recently asked me if we could have a meeting together to read her favorite book." KDE44

About money
"My two year old once asked if he could have some money. When I told him he couldn't have any, he said 'Mom, I don't want to keep it, I just want to USE it.' I think he missed the point." Toby B.

By the 'color'
"When my daughter was in first grade, I was talking to her about the meaning of prejudice. I told her that is is better to get to know someone before making a judgement. She said,'I know, it's like that saying, you can't judge a book by its color.'" Bernie

Talking to strangers
"I constantly talk to my 5 yr old about not talking to strangers and what she should do if ever approached. I asked her the following day 'What would you do if a stranger offered you a piece of bubble gum?' She said, 'I would say thank you.'" mql

At the game
"I took my 4 year old son to a Florida Panther's Hockey game one evening. The next day my son exitedly told my brother about what a good time he had at the game and my brother asked him what team the Panthers played against. My son replied "The Toronto Make-Believes". The actual team name is The Toronto Maple Leafs." Stacie D.

(On Easter Morning) Austin ran into his parents bedroom and exclaimed, " Daddy, Mommy...Jesus is BACK!!!" Mary F. K.

"My 5 year old asked my why I was drinking regular Coke rather than my usual morning diet Coke. I remarked, "I am drinking diet Coke" to which he replied, "it can't be diet, it doesn't have lemon slices in it." He thought it was the lemon that made it diet. COOLMOM11

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