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From a Dad's View
Stay-at-home dad David Pereyra shares his experience with fatherhood and being the partner of a BlueSuitMom.

While You Were Working
Ever wonder what goes on in your house when you are gone? Stay-at-home dad David Pereyra shares how he and his daughter spent a recent Monday. Read on ...

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  Ask David
Ever wonder what your husband really thinks? Feel like you could benefit from a male perspective? Ask David. This stay-at-home dad will answer your questions about dealing with your mate or fatherly questions.

  Featured Question
I am a very busy working mother (4 month old) both at the office and at home. My fiance is constantly complaining that we don't have enough time together, but then doesn't understand why the house isn't spotless. Although he does help around the house, he cannot breastfeed or get up in the middle of the night with our son because he again has no means of feeding him. How can I explain to him how thin this is wearing me, yet give him some quality time?
David's Answer

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I earn more than my partner and I think it bruises his ego. What should I do?

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