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Low Self Esteem
Toddler As parents, we naturally love our child with all our heart, and it tears us apart if our child doesn't love himself. Many people assume that there's little they can do to change this situation, when actually, parents can have a tremendous affect on how a child sees himself. Parenting Author Elizabeth Pantley shares some practical ideas.

Expert Advice Parenting Like a Pro
"My 5 year old son always whines and cries before bathtime and bedtime. How can I reduce the whining?" Dr. Roni Leiderman's advice
Should your kids have nintendo and TV time limits? Share your thoughts with other working mothers on our message boards.

  Hassle Free Dressing
Mother and daughter If you've ever felt like sending your child out with a big banner that reads, "I CHOOSE MY OWN CLOTHES," you're probably not alone. Many parents feel the way their children look and dress is a strong reflection on them. It's best to get over the embarrassment and give them lots of room for individuality when it comes to clothing.

  Encouraging Success
All moms want their children to achieve the same level of success in the career world they have, or to exceed that level. Creating a successful career adult should begin at birth.

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