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Diary of A BlueSuitMom

Getting the Help You Need at Home
You dash off to work in the morning, where you scramble to meet everybody's needs. You come home and use your remaining energy taking care of your family's needs, pencil yourself in for next Thursday, and fall into bed. Rrrrriinnngggg! goes the alarm much too soon. You groan, stumble up onto that treadmill, put it in overdrive, and try to hang on for one more day. Sound familiar? Then you need help. What's more, you deserve help.

  Talk About It - Summer Activities
Cherylkf writes, "I know this is early, but does anyone have any suggestions for summer activities for a tweenager? He's "just" to old for daycare, and too young for a lot of the teenager activities." Share your suggestions.

  In the News
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  Stop the Multi-tasking Madness!
Where is it written that multi-tasking is an occupation deserving of our admiration? There is an assumption we should try to accomplish more and more in our finite 24 hours/day and if we can't always streamline, be more efficient and be able to get it all done, there's something wrong with us. It may be time to take a step back and learn how to do less. Use these simple steps to help you focus attention, reduce stress and lessen your "to do" list burden.

Kids Fly Free The Dollar Stretcher
BlueSuitMom and DeltaVacations have teamed up to bring you an incredible offer. KIDS FLY FREE when you book a vacation to Florida or ski destinations. Gary Foreman, a former Certified Financial Planner, explains how to save money with proper maintenance and temperature settings on your water heater.

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