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Interviewing a babysitter

Finding and hiring a person to leave your most valuable possession- your child with can be a frightening process. Although a mother's intuition is a powerful and useful tool in making your decision, we recommend an in-home interview with your children present.

Here are a few ideas for questions you might want to ask during your interview.

1. Name:

2. Phone:

3. Address:

4. Citizenship status:

5. Age:

6. Do you have children of your own? How old?

7. What other childcare experience do you have?

8. Do you still baby sit for your prior clients?

9. What are the ages of other children you have watched?

10. What do you like about babysitting and being around children?

11. What do you do in your spare time? Any hobbies, other jobs?

12. If the sitter is under 18, do your parents support your babysitting jobs?

13. Tell me about your school life. Sports? Activities? Grades? Do you like school?

14. What kind of activities do you enjoy doing with children?

15. Do you know CPR or other emergency procedures?

16. What days and times are you available?

17. Would you be comfortable getting acclimated to our family by babysitting a few times while we are at home?

18. How much do you charge?

19. Do you have any references?

20. Do you have any questions for me?

Also see: Babysitter and Nanny Orientation Checklist

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