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Nanny Search Checklist

Come to a comfortable decision on the type of day care you want to seek for your child.

Write down a description of your idea of the perfect nanny.

Decide on such things as age, live-in/live-out, bilingual, driver/on driver,

Consider the depth of responsibilities whether you will require housework as well as nanny duties.

Place an ad or contact an agency.

Try calling other ads to inquire about response rate.

Check with local churches, synagogues and employment agencies.

Set up interviews with candidates

Clearly outline all responsibilities, times and rules during interview.

See our list of interview questions

Verify eligibility to work and check references.

Visit their home

Have the candidates visit with your child and baby sit while you are at home.

Finalize choice

Review the terms of employment and your expectations

Go through the nanny orientation checklist

Enroll nanny in CPR class if not certified already

Begin work on a day that you may be at home.

Also see: Nanny and babysitter orientation checklist

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