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Protect your kids online
With technology moving faster than ever, and younger and younger kids navigating the web, it is important that parents understand and can take steps to protect their children's privacy and reputation online. Here are six quick, easy, and effective things parents can do to help protect their kids as they surf the Internet.

How to get closer to your kids
Fun vacations and special occasions make great family memories, but they're not what create a sense of closeness between parents and kids. Tight bonds come from being involved and interested in your kid's daily life—from schoolwork, to hobbies, to friends and more. Here are seven easy ways to get closer to your kids.

Eight ways to help a shy child
Being a shy child isn't easy—and for many parents, neither is raising one. You want your child to be happy and make friends, and when you see her hang back, your tendency is to push her into social situations. But pushing won't give her the skills to control her shyness. Here are Dr. Bernardo Carducci's tips for teaching your child to overcome insecurity and succeed in social situations.

Help! My child doesn't like to read
Many parents of reluctant readers have tried rewarding, cajoling, and sometimes in the end, giving up simply because their child refuses to read for pleasure. So, what's the trick to get your child to open up a book? The first thing you need to know is that reading comes in all forms, not just in the traditional books that the school has suggested. Read on...

Six tips to get your teen talking Never say never
How do you get a teenager to talk? While one-word answers might be fine on some days, it is important to get to know what's going on with your teenager so you can keep her safe and guide her through tough situations (without being too much of a control freak!). Read on...
As moms, we all have made those statements. "I'll never let my kid do (fill in the blank), eat (fill in the blank), get (blank) body part pierced or join (blank group or sport)." Why not try banishing these words from your vocabulary since you "never" know when you'll need to go back on them! Read on ...

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