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Ask the Experts

We've assembled a team of 19 experts including a parenting expert, career coach, cookbook author and personal trainer. They've answered hundred of questions from BlueSuitMom readers

Smart Mom Solutions
Maria Bailey - Named “One of America’s Best Work/Life Balance Resources,” Maria is known for her innovative solutions for today everyday mom challenges. She is the Founder of, Host of Mom Talk Radio and Host of The Balancing Act on Lifetime TV. Let Maria help you find smart solutions to motherhood.
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Family Experts

Karen Deerwester - Parent Educator and Early Childhood Specialist, is the founder and CEO of Family Time, Inc. Karen is uniquely committed to helping parents become problem solvers in the large and small questions that arise "living with children." Ask her all your parenting questions.
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Kathi Burns - Kathi Burns is the founder of addSpace To Your Life! a Professional Organizing and Image Consulting Agency based in San Diego. Her advice column presents candid, practical and easy solutions to help you get organized.
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Molly Gold - Founder of GO MOM !NC, is the creator of The GO MOM!™ Planner, the ultimate catch-all day planner for everything that is family. Molly is recognized as an expert on scheduling issues unique to moms.
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Tabitha Geary - Tabitha is founder and owner of Ok, Picture This…, the memory organizing company located in Richmond, VA. Tabitha can help you determine the best way to organize and archive pictures, artwork and other family treasures.
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Paul Mauchline - Paul is a researcher, writer and internationally known speaker specializing on the art of keeping love in your life. He is the founder and director of The Art of Loving Institute. He can answer your relationship questions.
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Sandi Epstein - Sandi Esptein coaches clients on home life and work. She also coaches on business issues and has over 15 years experience in marketing and business management with an MBA from Columbia University.
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Career Experts
Sherry Maysonave - Founder and president of Empowerment Enterprises, one of America's leading communication-image firms and the author of "Casual Power." She offers advice on how your image can help you gain respect in the workplace.
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Joyce K. Reynolds - an expert Business Coach who works with executives and entrepreneurs to provide solutions, motivation and support that assist her clientele in successfully meeting workplace challenges. She offers advice on strategy, effective communications and how to successfully empower yourself in the marketplace.
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Shawn Mason Spence - is the owner of inPower Multimedia Group LLC which specializes in providing coaching and marketing support for entrepreneurs, writers and academic professionals. She is an expert on working at home.
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Dr. Kathleen Wells - Wells is a professional career coach and Director of Coaches That Care. She has coached thousands of clients through the stages of successful career development.
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Randy Prange - CEO of Insights, Inc., a strategic planning and business development firm, offers advice on business, career advancement and dealing with the men in your office.
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Health and Beauty Experts
Joni Hyde - CEO, American College of Sports Medicine Health/Fitness Instructor. Joni can answer all of your exercise and fitness questions.
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Dr. Betti Hertzberg - Dr. Hertzberg is a Board Certified Pediatrician on staff at Miami Children's Hospital. She will answer general questions you have about pediatrics and your children's development.
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Dr. Christina Winsey-Rudd - Dr. Winsey-Rudd helps clients through a body-mind-spirit approach. As former holistic chiropractic physician, and former co-host of "Focus on Holistic Health", she provides information about alternative health care.
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Mary Symmes - Mary Symmes is a life coach and clinical social worker. Mary has experience dealing with all issues of women's emotional health. Ask her your questions about work-related stress, relationship issues, developing self-confidence and dealing with life changes.
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Debbi Telli - Certified dermatician, a state licensed aesthetician, and an accomplished make-up artist. She also runs Debbi can answer all your beauty questions.
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Food Expert
Jorj Morgan - Whether you are having problems cooking food the kids will eat, putting together a dinner party or figuring out how to make lumpless gravy Jorj Morgan can help.
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Money Expert
Gary Foreman - There's more than one way to get most for your money. For more than 20 years, Gary Foreman has worked to manage money effectively. He's been a Certified Financial Planner and Purchasing Manager.
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