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Corporate Services Inc. is proud to offer large and small companies a full line of seminars, training sessions and forums designed to meet the work and family issues of its employees.

The professional staff of our corporate training division works with our clients to design a program that addresses the needs of their corporate culture. Retaining experienced, seasoned employees can ultimately save a company millions of dollars. will do our part in helping you retaining your most valuable employees.

Here's what a BlueSuitMom training program can deliver to your company:

  • A valuable benefit to offer your employees
  • A tool which supports your work/family policies
  • A mechanism for establishing a work/family-friendly environment

I. Training Sessions and Seminars Inc. offers half or full day seminars designed specifically with your company's need in mind. We will work with your team to create a learning experience that is productive, valuable and inspiring. Our multi-media sessions use a combination of interactive activities, case studies, tips and assessment tools to generate interest and participation from attendees. Topics may include but are not limited to, Tricks for the Balancing Act, Staying Connected with Spouse and Children, Parenting Skills, Personal Time Management and Juggling Tips.

II. The On-Going Programs: Intranet and Internal Communications Content
The positive effects of, Inc. will be felt within your organization well after we've left. supports its internal program by offering training packages that include work and family content for your company's Intranet site, newsletters or employee communications.

II. Executive Coaching Packages
Our trainers bring not only years of corporate experience from America's largest companies but expertise in the areas of work and family management. One-on-One executive training is available.

Please contact us for information on our corporate services.

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