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Online Job Search and CareerBuilder bring you the best in online job hunting and recruiting. We've got over one million job postings. CareerBuilder has over 40 million active resumes in our Resume Database. It is also the only site that gives you the tools to reduce your recruitment cycle time, better target your searches, and even pre-empt the competition by making sure job seekers see your job first.

For Job Seekers

SEARCH over one million jobs in our database from the top employers in the country. Find your next career with us at using CareerBuilder.

POST your resume to be viewed by Human Resources professionals and employers nationwide.

For Employers

POST your jobs to CareerBuilder, where we attract the highest volume of quality passive job seekers online today. No other career site lets you post your jobs and position them ahead of your competitors', and at such an affordable price.

SEARCH over 40 million active resumes in the CareerBuilder database of qualified professionals nationwide.

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