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Career Advice
Dr. Kathleen Wells is a professional career coach and Director of Coaches That Care. She has coached thousands of clients through the stages of successful career development.

  Featured Question
Lisa writes, "I am 10 weeks pregnant with my first and I want to get another job. I do not feel that my current position is challenging me or moving ahead. When do I tell a potential employer that I am pregnant? Do I have to tell them in the interview? Am I still eligible for maternity leave? What are my rights? " Career Coach Kathleen Wells' Advice

  Ask the Career Coach
Kathleen can answer all your questions about career advancement, finding a job you love, negotiating a salary or other career issues. Submit your question now

  Recent questions
Career Advancement
  • Boss changes mind about raise
  • Positioning for promotion
  • Networking meeting
  • Balance and advancement
  • Networking
  • Negotiating a better salary
  • Online education
  • Career plan
  • Career plan
  • Asking for raise
  • Raise request letter

    General Career Advice

  • Accepting job offer while on maternity leave
  • When to tell employer about pregnancy
  • Returning to work
  • Part-time work proposal
  • More family time?
  • Laid off on maternity leave
  • Childcare issues
  • Resume length
  • Promoting your employees
  • Salary history on resume
  • Dislike Job
  • Finding a job you enjoy
  • Finding the right job

  • Changing Jobs
  • Gap in employment
  • Changing careers
  • Becoming a consultant
  • Becoming a career coach
  • Resume length
  • Resume experience


  • Follow up after interview
  • The second interview
  • Stand out in the herd
  • Salary discussions
  • How long should I wait before following up

    Starting a Business

  • Overcoming fears
  • Becoming a consultant

    Just Starting Out
  • Feedback on application
  • Negotiating a better salary
  • Career path
  • Resume length
  • Landing first job

  •   Personal Coaching
    Dr. Kathleen Wells is a professional career coach with a genuine interest in the success of each of her clients. As Director of Coaches That Care, she provides resume or marketing portfolio design and development as well as coaching in a variety of other career topics such as interviewing and networking skills, salary negotiations, and long-term career planning. .

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