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Stepping into a new position with ease
You finally received that long anticipated promotion. Now you must quickly develop a rapport with your new team, set goals and create a work environment that produces results. Step out on the right foot with our advice to help fuel your train of success.

On the Ladder Find a New Job
Moving up the corporate ladder is never easy. Let other BlueSuitMoms know about your promotion. Search our database of over 250,000 listings. Online job hunting make getting your next position easy.

  Winning Negotiations
Learn to negotiate like your male counterparts. Follow our simple rules of negotiation to figure out how to get a larger salary and additional benefits like signing bonuses, relocation expenses and more vacation time.

  Leaving a Job
In today's economy staying with the same company your whole career can mean little upward advance. But after deciding to leave a job you may be flooded with a mixed set of emotions. Make sure you have a strategy for dealing with them.

  Ask the Expert
While in the process of interviewing for a new job, I found out I was a few weeks pregnant. At what point does it make sense for me to give them the good news? Business Advisor Randy Prange's Answer

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What is the most important benefit your employer can offer you?
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