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About is the premier resource of work and family balance information for executive working mothers and their employers. You'll find advice on parenting, career advancement, the balancing act, meal planning and family health and fitness, delivered in a format that nurtures respect for professional mothers.

Our Mission
It is the mission of to provide the tools and information necessary for a woman to reach her full potential as a mother, professional, business owner, spouse or woman. Additionally, we support this mission by providing services and programs to the companies who employ Today's BlueSuitMoms. Our promise has always been to address "real-life" solutions that can be easily applied to a busy lifestyle in a manner that reflects the professionalism of our audience.

Company History was launched on Mother's Day 2000. It was our gift to the 8 million executive working mothers who try to balance the many roles they assume as working mothers. The company was built with the talents and personal commitment of a team dedicated to helping mothers juggle work and family. As we switched on at midnight on May 12, 2000, we never anticipated the warm welcome we would receive from women, companies and media from around the globe. Almost instantaneously, we received emails from female executives thanking us for the useful articles on our site, phone calls from companies who wanted our help in creating programs for working mothers and headlines praising our content. In less than a month, appeared on the pages of The Wall Street Journal, Miami Herald, Denver Post, The Chicago Tribune, and national magazines like Self, Smart Money Magazine and many other national and regional publications. All of these positive experiences fueled our fire and passion for serving executive working mothers and the companies who employ them.

Our rapid growth has not carried us away from our initial mission. Today we still strive to maintain a personal relationship with our bluesuitmom's even though the numbers have grown into the thousands. In addition, we work closely with companies to create programs that help retain valuable working parents, attract professional females and provide them tools that increase productivity and lower turnover. serves as a voice for women business and work and family issues within the media by supplying pertinent information and resources for articles and segments to writers and reporters.

We are proud of the progress and success that we have achieved in an environment that has seen the demise of many other well intentioned entrepreneurs. has been recognized as one of the best sites for women by Baby Talk magazine, USA Today, Time's ON magazine, Working Woman and many others. In 2001, the company was awarded South Florida's Women Owned Company of the Year--Special Mention Award.

What started as a single Web site and a big dream has now grown into BSM Media, a full service marketing firm specializing in marketing to moms. The same team behind now produces Mom Talk Radio, authored "Marketing to Moms: Getting Your Piece of the Trillion Dollar Market" (Prima, 2002) and will soon launch Today's BlueSuitMom Magazine and Mom Talk TV. Additionally, they are consulting with companies to help connect them with the mom market.

The success of is due in large part to our loyal readers and experts. Serving you has made our work satisfying and rewarding.

Our Executive Team

  • Maria Bailey, CEO and Co-Founder
  • Rachael Bender, Vice President and Co-Founder
  • Jorj Morgan, Lifestyle Director
  • Marti Zenor, Director of Marketing Communications
  • Experts, Advisors and Contributors:


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